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Australia was a huge military camp and training area for the Allied military during WW2. Australian, American, Dutch, British, New Zealand and Canadian units were based in Australia during WW2. Inevitably they left behind unexploded ordnance either as a result of it remaining unexploded after it being used during live firing exercises, or by being buried during or at the end of the war or just by  being left behind where it laid.

In some case this ordnance was stored in secret underground storage areas, which with the passing of time and the changes of staff in the military, have been forgotten about.


An example of some unexploded ordnance located on
a transmission line easement in north Queensland


Contractors looking for unexploded ordnance


Live Mortar Bomb Found at Redbank Plains in October 2006 White Rock and Spring Mountain Live Firing Areas UXO in the Bunyaville State Forest in Brisbane near Albany Creek
3 Grenades found at Millmerran, Qld on 18 March 2006    


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