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Kaiser Shipyard in Vancouver, Washington, USA built 30 Landing Ship Tank's (LST's). They were LST-446 through to LST-475.

USS LST-454 was launched on 14 October 1942. It was commissioned in Portland, Oregon on 25 January 1943 and had a crew of 7 officers and 49 enlisted men.

LST- 454 left the USA headed for the Southwest Pacific area on 11 March 1943. It arrived in Sydney, New South Wales in May 1943 via Pearl Harbor, Suva and Noumea.

LST-454 was one of the first LST's in LST Flotilla 7 which was the first and mainstay Flotilla of the Seventh Amphibious Force. The Seventh Amphibious Force commanded by Vice Admiral Daniel E. Barbey, was sometimes referred to as "MacArthur's Amphibious Navy."

LST-454 was involved in many 13 amphibious invasions/landings with its first at Woodlark Island on 30 June 1943 and one of the last major ones at Balikpapan, Borneo on 1 July 1945. It received 8 Battle Stars during WW2. 


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