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Organisation Chart for ABDACOM January - February 1942


The American-British-Dutch-Australian Command came under the command of General Wavell on 1 January 1942.

General Wavell was the Supreme Commander of the ABDA Area in the January to February 1942 period with Lt. Gen. George H. Brett as his Deputy Commander and Lt. Gen. Sir H.R. Pownall as his Chief of Staff.

General Wavell arrived in Singapore on 7 January 1942 and moved his headquarters to Lembang near Bandoeng on Java on 18 January 1942.

Other direct reports to General Wavell were as follows:-

General Douglas MacArthur was in charge of the Philippines area and reported to Lt. Gen. H. ter Poorten

Maj. Gen. Brereton was the Deputy Commander for Air Forces reporting to Air Marshall Sir Richard Peirse.

The surrender of Singapore on 15 February 1942 disrupted the ABDA Command and General Wavell resigned as Supreme Commander on 25 February 1942 and control of the former ABDA Area reverted to local Commanders.

After General Douglas MacArthur escaped from the Philippines to Australia he was appointed Supreme Commander of the Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA).



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