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104th Coastal Artillery Battalion (AA Separate) arrived in Sydney on the "Queen Mary" on 28 March 1942. The 94th Coastal Artillery (AA) Regiment and the 101st Coastal Artillery Battalion (AA Separate) also travelled on the "Queen Mary". These three units and the 208th Coastal Artillery (AA) Regiment formed the 40th Coastal Artillery Brigade.

The following units arrived on the Queen Mary:-

40th Coastal Artillery Brigade
94th Coastal Artillery (AA) Regiment
101st Coastal Artillery (AA) Battalion
104th Coastal Artillery (AA) Battalion
5th Station Hospital
47th Station Hospital
8th Air Base Group
11th Materiel Squadron
43rd Bomb Group, 64th Bomb Squadron
43rd Bomb Group, 65th Bomb Squadron
441st Ordnance
73rd Ordnance
15th Signal Platoon
2nd Quartermaster Detachment
Air Corps Replacement Group

The 104th boarded a train and headed for Queensland. The 104th CA Bn comprised:-

HQ Battery
Battery "A"
Battery "B"
Battery "C"
Battery "D"

The 104th CA Bn was issued with 48 only .50" calibre machine guns?? The 104th deployed to Archerfield and Lowood in southern Queensland. 

Battery "A" & Battery "B" of the 104th CA Battalion were deployed to Horn Island at some stage. They were the first ant-aircraft units on the island. They had detachments from Battery "A" and "B" on Goodes Island and Millman Island. Colonel C.H. Cowart was the Commanding Officer of the 104th on Horn Island.

Battery "H" of the 94th Coastal Artillery (AA) Regiment was on Horn Island at the same time. While on Horn Island, the 104th and the men of 32 Squadron RAAF would host a concert in the airmen's mess.

Battery "A" and "B" of the 104th boarded a ship and left Horn Island on 28 November 1942.  Their stores, ammunition and gun sites were handed over to the 157 LAA bty.


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