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1st Lt. Richard Rogers, 091447,  was a Special Service Officer with the 3rd Attack Group, 5th Air Force during WW2.  He kept photos, newspapers (the local paper put out by the men...."the Weekly Palm Palm). Basically, he saved quite a bit, including his original orders for duty. His unit on 24 September 1943 was:- Fifth Air Force, Hq. 3rd atk Gp, APO 503.


Captain Richard Rogers with Bob Hope in New Guinea during WW2
Jerry Colonga and Bob Hope
Gary Cooper and Phyllis Brooks and Una Merkel
Tony Romano? and Francis Langford
Bob Hope and Jerry Cologna and others beside a C-47
Troops enjoying the show
One very lucky soldier.
Depicted with the American stars are some of the Maiva tribe who live some 60 miles west of Port Moresby on the southern coast. They were carriers on the battle of the Kokoda trail and later at Sanananda. In this work they proved themselves courageous and faithful servants and save many an Allied soldier's life by their efforts.

Front Row Left to Right:-.Lt. Rogers; Lt. Smith (Australian Army); Col. Bunker; Phyllis Brooks; Una Merkel; Gary Cooper; Andy Arcari?

In this are depicted some of the Orakaiva tribe of natives who live in the Buna area. These people's gardens and villages were laid waste by the Jap on their landing at Buna. All their able bodied men are now working as labourers for the Allied cause. The hairdresses they wear are part of their ceremonial dancing equipment and the plumes are bird of paradise
Members of the Kiwai tribe. These men come from west of the mighty Fly River. They are brave and determined fighters. Many of their men have joined the Papuan Infantry Battalion. These in the picture are carriers who, by carrying wounded American and Australian soldiers back from the front line and rations and ammunition forward, have helped materially in the war effort.
A head-hunter showing off his trophies!!
Propaganda leaflet for the natives
19 July 1943 article from Time Magazine regarding a horse race somewhere in New Guinea
Horse race somewhere in New Guinea
A foot race somewhere in New Guinea
Weekly Palm Palm, Volume 1, No 5, 23 December 1943
Map October 1944
Gordon Rogers commented on this photo as follows:- "The guy on the left has a Marine Corps type buckle on his belt, and the guy on the right has what might be an Air Force guy."
1st. Lt Rogers with a Jeep named after his daughter Lynne
1st Lt. Rogers beside an aircraft
Air raid drill!!

19 October 1943

19 October 1943


The following is a transcription from a typewritten page
in the scrapbook of 1st Lt. Richard Rogers:-


The Lords Prayer
Tok belog lotu
in Pidgeon English)

Our Father which art in Heaven,
Poppa belong mefella he stop on top,

Hallowed be thy name,
All he know can callim name belong you nothing,

Thy Kingdom come,
Altogether place he belong you,

They will be done on earth as it is in heaven,
Now all he hearim talk belong you down below one time on top,

Give us this day, our daily bread,
All the time you givim kai kai along mefella,

And forgive us our trespasses,
Now you know tink tink more along something no good mefella me makim,

As we forgive them who trespass against us,
Now helpim head belong mefella he loose along something no good another fella man he makim along mefella,

And lead us not into temptation,
Learnim mefellealong tink tink good now tink tink no good he no can come up along kru (brain) along mefella,

But deliver us from evil,
Helpim mefella along winnim devil,

For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory,
You you strong fella master toomus,

For ever and ever,
You no can die allthesame man nothing,

Tink belong mefella too.




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