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Subject:   Jolly Rogers
Date:           Fri, 10 Nov 2000 19:29:50 EST
From:          Redhorse636@cs.com

hi, i'm doc,

My dad was with the 320th Bomb Squadron of the 90th Bomb Group from 4/42 till the end. Grew up listening to all his war stories.

He was m/sgt crew chief that kept them flying! i spent 2 tours in viet nam, and my son in army 12yrs in m109 howitzers, he blasted the republican guard! dad used to watch old tv stuff glorifying the 17's and it really made him mad,'cause the 24's were, heavier, longer range, bigger load, made more runs, more of them than the 17 but they got the limelite. but we know better huh? dad died in '94 but i got his duffle bag and dress uniform. there's lot's of pic's and old newspapers and yank mags and a couple of annuals that i can try to send if u interested. i'm putting together a collection of all our ribbons and medals, so that should fill up a wall. take care, looking forward to talking with u.


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Can anyone help me with more information ?


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