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Chuck Hathorn


"Chuck" Hathorn


"Chuck" Hathorn was a photographer attached to the 4th Air Depot Group at Mount Louisa, near Garbutt Airfield in Townsville during World War 2.

Chuck stayed for a while in a 3 storey hotel in Flinders Street which had iron railings on the balcony. The room that Chuck was in had double French-type doors that opened on to the balcony. The entrance to the hotel was around the back through a walkway. The bar was in the front. Chuck told me that it "was open only for an hour to serve that wonderful Aussie beer by the pitcher." There was a shop across the street that blended scotch and just a short distance down the street was an official looking building-on the same side of the street. Chuck believes that the Hotel may have been on the same side of the street as Athols Inn. (Was it the Excelsior Hotel perhaps? - Can anyone confirm based on Chuck's description?)


excelsior01.jpg (52467 bytes)

Excelsior Hotel
in Flinders Street


hathorn27.jpg (52927 bytes) Owners of a Hotel in Flinders Street where Chuck Hathorn and his buddies stayed off base when on short leave. He remembered that the hotel had an iron balcony and was 3 stories high. Was it the Excelsior?
hathorn01.jpg (17407 bytes) The front cover of the WW2 Menu for Athol's Inn in Flinders Street - one of Townsville's well known Cafe's. Note how Americanised the Menu was!!
hathorn02.jpg (13970 bytes) The rear cover of the WW2 Menu for Athol's Inn - one of Townsville's well known Cafe's
hathorn03.jpg (28216 bytes) Athol's Inn was owned by Mr. A.G. Stortenbeker
hathorn06.jpg (321973 bytes) The Athol's Inn Menu during World War 2
hathorn04.jpg (38699 bytes) A homemade bus belonging to the 2nd Service Squadron of the 4th Air Depot Group parked outside the Townsville Railway Station in Flinders Street. The bus was used to take troops to downtown Townsville for the night out. Note the air raid shelter on the footpath behind the bus.
qr03.jpg (58760 bytes) Townsville Railway Station in July 2002
hathorn05.jpg (20851 bytes) US Army Air Force Personnel - 4th Air Depot Group - 2nd Service Squadron - Garbutt Field
hathorn09.jpg (58358 bytes) US Army 12th Station Hospital at Chapman Street, Mysterton Estate, Townsville
hathorn08.jpg (51552 bytes) Close-up of walkways connecting the houses in Chapman Street comprising the US Army's 12 Station Hospital
hathorn11.jpg (23629 bytes) Some Aussie nurses at Townsville - can anyone identify them?
hathorn10.jpg (43778 bytes) Close-up of the above Aussie nurses at Townsville - can anyone identify them?
hathorn12.jpg (186711 bytes) Soldiers of Air Depot No.2 stand at parade during a visit by one of the Generals
hathorn13.jpg (74400 bytes) Morning roll call at the 4th Air Depot Group. Sgt. Neil Coleman saluting at right of the photo
hathorn16.jpg (49852 bytes) Men of the 4th Air Depot Group digging trench for the foundation of Helton Hall at Air Depot No. 2
hathorn15.jpg (99042 bytes) Helton Hall at Air Depot No. 2 at Mount Louisa on the day of its Grand Opening
hathorn14.jpg (16630 bytes) Grand Opening of Helton Hall at Air Depot No. 2 at Mount Louisa in Townsville
hathorn18.jpg (49886 bytes) Photographers of the 4th Air Depot Group at Air Depot No. 2
hathorn17.jpg (48288 bytes) Close-up of the above photographers
hathorn19.jpg (51306 bytes) Lt/Col. Victor Bertrandias making a presentation Joe E. Brown
hathorn20.jpg (32381 bytes) Joe E. Brown entertaining troops in Townsville in 1943
hathorn21.jpg (61665 bytes) Artie Shaw and his musicians in an appearance at Townsville
hathorn26.jpg (55889 bytes) Band Leader Artie Shaw when his band visited Townsville. The people in the photo were invited guests apparently from Townsville.
hathorn22.jpg (58546 bytes) Jack Benny and some of the entertainers visiting Townsville. I think that's Castle Hill in the background.
hathorn23.jpg (49918 bytes) Jack Benny and some of his group in Townsville.
hathorn25.jpg (183192 bytes) These are the men who man the cameras at the Fifth Air Force Service Command depot in Townsville.

Front row L to R:-  Sgt. Harold Waite, Jr., Sgt. Henry Benton, S/Sgt. Carroll Hathorn, Cpl. Jack Sturgeon, S/Sgt. Donald Mifflin.

2nd row L to R:- Cpl. Charles Humphrey, Pvt. Paul Finlay, Sgt. William Kaves, T/Sgt. Harry T. Scott, and Lt. George H. Schnaitman.



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