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Subject:    My Grandpa was a Grim Reaper. Can you give me more info?
Date:             Mon, 18 Jun 2001 23:36:38 -0400
From:           "The Roof's" <roofisrocks@yahoo.com>

Hi my name is Chris Roof and I have a favor to ask of you. First I would and probaly should tell you why I am e-mailing you. I have a Grandpa who has been deceased for 7 years. He was a World War 2 Veteran who served as a Grim Reaper in the 5th Air Force. He was aslo in the A-20s. He served in the last 2 and a half years in the War in the Pacific.

My Grandpa (William Roof) aslo received a Silver Star and a Purple Heart. This is about all the info I know. That is why I am writting you. I would like to know more about where he served, some background on the missions he was in and how he got his Silver Star.

I am doing this for my Dad because he does not know much of what his fathar did in the war since my Grandpa rarely talked about and my Grandma (which is another story) won't talk either. My Dad and I were watching Datline's special this Fathars Day called Remembering Our Fathers In World War 2 and my Dad rushed and got a pen to write down any info he could. I know that any info will bring much joy to my Dad so if you could send me anything, pictures, documents, stories or anything I would deeply enjoy it.

Thank You Chris


Can anyone help me with more information ?


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