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Burke Von Wald joined the USA Infantry Reserve at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, USA in June 1937 as a 2nd Lieutenant. In November 1940, 1st Lieutenant Von Wald joined the 1st USAF at March Field in California.

In January 1942 Burke was re-assigned to the 43rd Material Squadron and travelled to Australia on board the Mariposa, arriving in Melbourne, Victoria, where he moved to Bacchus Marsh for a short period of time before catching a train to Sydney in New South Wales, where the 43rd Materiel Squadron moved to Bankstown airfield.

Burke then travelled to Darwin in the Northern Territory by Catalina flying boat and then moved down to Adelaide River.

He eventually relocated to Fenton airfield after it had been constructed by the Australians. He was the Commanding Officer of the first advance party that was responsible for the establishment of Fenton. After the arrival of the CO, Burke became the Adjutant. Burke stayed at Fenton airfield for about 2 years until September 1943. He spent a short period of time at Port Moresby in New Guinea during his time at Fenton.

Then in October 1943 Major Burke Von Wald was re-assigned as the Photographic Officer in Headquarters Squadron of the 81st Air Depot Group, in Brisbane, Queensland. In January 1944.

The May 1944 Military Telephone Directory for Brisbane shows the following entry:-

81st Air Depot Group
    Photographic Section:
        Photographic Officer:
            Major Von Wald, M.B.        Tel. No. MLX 721
        Photo Lab.                             Tel No.  MLX 518

In January 1944 Burke Von Wald moved with Headquarters Squadron to Finschaffen in Papua New Guinea, where he was appointed Temporary CO Base Commander.

He returned to the States in about August 1944 where he was assigned to the Command and General Staff School at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. In December 1944 he was assigned to the Command and General Staff School, Proving Ground at Eglin Field, Florida. In February 1945 he became CO Administration Division, Far East Air Service Command, APO 322 at Finschaffen in Papua New Guinea. In August 1945 he was made an Acting Adjutant General, in the 8th Air Force Service Command at Naha, Okinawa. Burke returned to the States again in December 1945 as a Lt. Colonel and retained his membership of Reserved Forces until relieved of service in 1953.

Burke Von Wald was Deputy Head at the Grammar School in Townsville for 22 years from 1958-1980.



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