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hathorn04.jpg (38699 bytes) A homemade bus belonging to the 2nd Service Squadron of the 4th Air Depot Group. The bus was used to take troops to downtown Townsville for the night out. The photo is taken in Flinders Street in front of the Townsville Railway Station. A large air raid shelter can be seen directly behind the bus.
hathorn05.jpg (20851 bytes) US Army Air Force Personnel - 4th Air Depot Group - 2nd Service Squadron - Garbutt Field

John F. Burton was a member of the Second Service Squadron, of the 5th Air Force. His first posting in Australia was in Townsville and he and his buddies were part of a mobile repair unit that flew to places like Horn Island, Lae, and Bololo to repair aircraft in place. From Townsville the squadron went to Dobodura / Nadzab and finally to Morotai.  Jack would love to hear from any of his former buddies, especially Henry Whiteside, Louis Melzer, Capt. Gardner, and Capt. " Moon" Mullins many of whom went on from Morotai to Japan via the Philippines.

The Second Service Squadron was not always attached to any one group. The Squadron would trouble shoot and repair all kinds of aircraft. While in Townsville, they fitted aircraft with machine guns, etc., under the direction of civil engineers from the aircraft companies based in the United States.

Donald Edwin MacVane, 82, of Las Vegas, died 29 August 2002 at the Garnet House after a brief illness. There were 11 airmen of the Second Air Service Squadron, Fifth Air Force at his funeral. He was more than likely a member of the Second Air Service Squadron.



I'd like to thank "Chuck Hathorn" for his assistance with this home page.

I'd also like to thank Dolores Burton for her assistance with this home page. Dolores is John F. Burton's sister.


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