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On 8 July 1942, the 10th Material Squadron, 7th Air Base Group (Special) was redesignated the 10th Service Squadron, 7th Service Group. At that time the squadron comprised 1 officer and 254 enlisted men. Captain Lawrence H. Bever was the organisation commander, while Captain George C. Flanders was commanding officer of the 7th Service Group. By 31 July 1942, the strength had reduced to 183 men after some transfers to the 8th Air Base.

The 10th Service Squadron and the rest of the 7th Service Group transferred to Battle Creek, Michigan on 31 August 1942. The 10th Service Squadron relocated to Rentschler Field, Hartford, Connecticut, arriving there on 11 June 1943. They then relocate dto Barnes Field, Westfield, Massachusetts on 14 June 1943. They then relocated to Ft. Devens, Massachusetts on 24 June 1943.

The squadron became a detached squadron when it left the 7th Service Group behind at Barnes Field and moved to Camp Stoneman, Pittsburg, California by train at 1730 hours on 19 July 1943. Forty two hours later they boarded the Delta Queen and were ferried to the docks on 24 July 1943 to embark on the USAT Willard A. Holbrook.

USAT Willard A. Holbrook departed at 10am on 25 July 1943. After an uneventful voyage, they arrived in Townsville, north Queensland, Australia and disembarked at 11:15 am on 15 August 1943. The squadron moved by truck to their camp at Armstrongs Paddock to await further shipment. The squadron moved by truck to their camp at Armstrongs Paddock to await further shipment. 110 enlisted men of the Engineering Section relocated to Mount Louisa on  18 August 1943 to work in the large hangars at Depot No. 2.

These men worked in the following shops at Mount Louisa-

Most of the airplane mechanics were doing first, second and third echelon maintenance on B-17, B-25 and B-26 aircraft, in addition to assembling P-38, P-39 and P-40 aircraft.

On 20 August 1943, 58 enlisted men of the 110 men stationed at Mount Louisa moved to Garbutt airfield where they performed first, second and third echelon maintenance on twenty C-47 aircraft. They also made 2 complete engine changes, 2 propeller changes and 1 wing change and 25, 50 and 100 hour inspections.

The men who had remained at Armstrongs Paddock organised a baseball team which quickly earned the reputation of being the best team in the Townsville area by beating all other teams.

On 16 September 1943, the men of the 10th Service Squadron located at Armstrongs Paddockm, Mount Louisa and Garbutt airfield all boarded a ship and travelled to Port Moresby in New Guinea on the liberty ship, "Stephen Crane" at 2pm that day. They disembarked at Port Moresby at 2pm on 19 September 1943 and boarded trucks which took them to the Fifth Air Force Service Command Staging area at Pleasant Valley.


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