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I am a 13th Sq. Vet. Joined the unit when they were in Hollandia as a replacement. I replaced S/Sgt Gilbert O. Voyles as Chief, Ordnance Sect, and was with the 13th thru to the end lof the war. Was stationed at Leyte, Mindoro, and Okinawa after Hollandia, and endured the 72 hours of constant air attack from torpedo bombers, dive bombers, and suicide plane attacks in that Christmas convoy from Leyte to Midoro.

For the last 14 years, the 13th Sq.(WWII) has been holding reunions, thanks to the efforts of Vernon Main, Randy Forrester, Leo McMann, and many others. It is my understanding that in spite of the infirmities of many survivors, an Oct. reunion is planned for Wright Field in 2000. In addition to this unit, a second 13th Sq Reunion organization, originally for Korean War vets, has expanded coverage to include all who served between 1917 & 1973. They are planning a Reunion in June of 2000 in Texas to coincide with the reactivation of the 13th. AND the old 89th Sq reunion group has opened up to any 3rd Gp vet as the 3rd Bomb Gp (SW Pacific). Their reunion is in Tucson AZ May 8-12 2000.


Original 13th Reunion -- Vernon Main, 1024 Harding Dr. New Orleans, LA 70119

Formerly 13th Korea -- Walter T. Campbell -- E-Mail  wtc13thvet@aol.com

89th -- Roger Hirst1-920-388-4370

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