Subject:     Re: WWII in the Pacific
Date:              Wed, 26 May 1999 09:54:44 PDT
From:            "Wanpela Books Justin Taylan" <>


Good hearing from you. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The Pacific Wreck site is not my "day job" so it doesn't get the time it deserves... especially in regard to replying to important emails.

First, about your site. It is WONDERFUL! Well researched, well done! Congratulations on a wonderful piece of work. It is great. I will certainly include it on the resources & links page and would like to feature it in a review so that it gets the traffic it deserves.

Second, I love what you have done with the tables of DATE / LOCATION / SERVICE / AIRCRAFT / S.N. I would love to figure out a way to intergrat our reseach, and have a button to link to those wrecks that have been discovered, removed, located, or still MIA. I think that would be really hot.

Third, I have some great information that you will enjoy about the B-24 "Beautiful Betsy" lost Feb. 26, '45 -> discovered in 1994. A friend got me all the documentation & press clipping from the discover and recovery teams. Its really neat. I will get around to scanning it and getting it to you. Rockhampton is my main area of interest in QLD, my grandfather served there during the war, and I visited it in 1993 with him.

Your site IS the definative source for Townsville WWII info. I wish every town in New Guinea & Australia had a person like you in it! Do you live in Townsville currently? The page on the WWII bunker is very funny.... is that just a local rumor or what? I know of lots of similar bunker stories and weapons caches rumored to exisit around Rockhampton from the "Brisbane Line".

Do you have any more specifics about the Japanese raids on Horn Island, etc? I saw you had details on # of raid, damage, etc for one... I would love to know about the rest of the raids on Horn Is.

The Townsville raids are very interesting to me. You have lots of great info on them. The eyewitness page is great, as are the present day photos of the bomb crater at Castle Hill.

Peter, all I have to say is "WOW" about your site!

Great to hear from you, keep in touch. I will be featuring your link on the next update to the Pacific Wrecks Site. Hopefully, you will get alot of good traffic!

Justin Taylan

Pacific Wreck Database


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Subject:     Re: WWII in the Pacific
Date:              Thu, 24 Jun 1999 00:38:12 GMT
From:            Justin Taylan <>


Good hearing from you...

I will get the stuff on B-24 "Beutiful Betsy" out to you, modivation to get it on the web!

Your connection to Rocky (Rockhampton) is a strong one. Wow. As I am sure I said before, I visited there in 1993 extensively with my grandfather. Our primary goal was to find people & places he remembered, which was quite sucessful.

Great work with the web publishing, 85 megs wow. Are you getting any outside support or funding for maintaining the site? If not, you should. Its a great service for all of QLD. Maybe there is a way for one of the universities to host the pages or something.

Take care...



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Subject:    Franklin's Farm
Date:             Thu, 24 Jun 1999 13:32:35 -0400
From:           Justin Taylan <>


One thing I wanted to ask you about... Do you know anything about Franklin's Farm (Archerfield airfield) in Brisbane? Apparently, it was excavated in 1992 and a lot of guns, ammo and airplane parts recovered. It dumping ground for aircraft stuff from Archerfield.

Do you know what the status of this site is? When I heard about it, the city had shut down the site "with no further prospects of excavation".



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