Subject:     Darwin Kittyhawks
Date:              Sun, 21 Nov 1999 17:28:55 -0800

I was in Darwin in 1976/77 and visited a pair of Kittyhawks near the Darwin River Dam. I couldn't find any explicit reference to them in the NT crash list. Are they two of the "eight P-40's lost over Darwin in the period 28 Mar - 27 Apr 1942"?

Stephen Frawley

They collided
west of Manton Reservoir
on 10 July 1942



Subject:    Darwin Kittyhawks
Date:             Mon, 22 Nov 1999 14:39:18 -0800

G'day Peter,

I visited the P40's with a 4WD club. They impacted on a ridge NW of the dam and are pretty well smashed up.

I have photographs but they in the form of slides. Don't know how easy they are to have scanned, but will investigate if you like.

The Top End is the place to be for WW2 wreck chasers. I spent a day or two poking around Fenton and other old airstrips. Found bits of Liberators and Dakotas, including two almost complete B24 tails (these may since have been removed to provide parts for the B24 being restored in Melbourne). There is also a Catalina in the mangroves on the southern side of Darwin Harbour. Apparently it was fairly intact before Cyclone Tracy, but by 1977 was badly broken up.

Stephen Frawley



Subject:    Darwin Kittyhawks
Date:             Mon, 22 Nov 1999 17:04:51 -0800

On Mon, 22 Nov 1999, c busby wrote:


The Two Kittyhawks you talk about are the aircraft of Lt Sauber and Lt Preddy (of P-51 Fame in ETO). They were involved in a Practice Intercept when they collided. Lt Sauber was flying aircraft #87 (this aircraft had an Eagle on a Yellow background on the fuselage sides ala Lt Reynolds aircraft "stardust") and was Killed, he had aprox 3 Confirmed Kills with the 49th Fighter Group at the time. Lt Preddy Bailed out and was found with numerous injuries, His aircraft was #85 Named Tarheel.

Hope this helps


Thanks Buz,

I was told at the time that they had collided in bad weather and that both pilots had bailed out, but it's good to know the true story.

Stephen Frawley


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