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Was the American Submarine 'USS Triton'
sunk by "friendly fire" in the Brisbane River?

Central Bureau Intelligence
Interception & cryptanalyzing of Japanese intelligence

IBM Computers at Ascot in 1942!!
How the first IBM's in Australia helped crack the Japanese Codes

"The Battle of Brisbane"
The censors tried to cover it up

Allied Intelligence Bureau

No. 1 Wireless Unit
Eavesdropping on the Japanese

Demolition of our Harbours, Airfields Roads
and other important installations

Camouflage activities in Australia during WW2

Bunkers, Tunnels, Fortifications
In Australia during World War 2

Secret Bunker under Mount Louisa in Townsville

Tunnels/Bunkers under Castle Hill

No. 2 US Air Command Bunker
at Ramsay Street, Garbutt in Townsville

The Green Street Bunker in Townsville - Project 81

Townsville saved from a 300 Aircraft Japanese Air Raid

Brook Island Trial of Mustard Gas

Mustard Gas Experiments in the Townsville Area

Mustard Gas Experiments in the Innisfail Area

Australian Field Experimental Station, Gunyarra, Proserpine

"Z" Force Commandos Invade Townsville
Operation "Scorpion"

Japanese Zeros based at Eagle Farm

Japanese Submarine Activity off the Australian Coast

Japanese Activities in and over Australia during WW2

Japanese Invasion Money

Americans inspect our Uranium deposits

The "Native Labour Company"

200 Flight RAAF at Leyburn and "Z" Special Unit

201 Flight RAAF at Laverton - Radio and Radar Experimentation

Camp "X" near Beaudesert

XE-craft Submarine trials at Mon Repos, near Bundaberg, QLD


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