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HMAS Doomba (750 tons) and HMAS Orara formed the genesis of the 20th Minesweeping Flotilla which was reformed on 16 October 1945 to clear mines in Australian, New Guinea and Solomon Island waters after the war.

HMAS Doomba had a very interesting career. She started out as HMS Wexford, a WW1 hunt class minesweeper. She then became SS Doomba, a Brisbane ferry. After the jetty was constructed at Bongaree on Bribie Island in 1912, SS Doomba along with SS Koopa and SS Beaver provided pleasure cruises from Brisbane to the new township of Bribie. SS Doomba was purchased in late November 1923 for these cruises. Captain Johnston was the Captain of the SS Doomba at that time. Jack Gibson was also in charge of the SS Doomba at some stage while she plied the waters of Moreton Bay.

With the advent of WW2, she then became HMAS Doomba a Royal Australian Navy minesweeper.

Finally she was converted into the lighter Meggoil, an oil lighter for Meggitt's linseed oil manufacturers. Rex Turner last saw the ship in the Fitzroy Dock at Codock in about 1969.



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