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Auxiliary Minesweeper HMAS Bermagui


Auxiliary minesweeper HMAS Bermagui (402 ton gross) of the Group 77 Minesweepers was attached to HMAS Maitland, the RAN depot in Newcastle during WW2. The other auxiliary minesweeper attached to HMAS Maitland was HMAS Narani.

HMAS Bermagui was requisitioned by the Royal Australian Navy on 30 October 1939 and commissioned as HMAS Bermagui on 11 December 1939. It served as an Auxiliary Minesweeper, BDV and Controlled Minefield Tender during WW2. It was equipped with one 12 pounder 12cwt QF and one .303 inch Vickers machine gun and 4 Type D Depth Charges.

It was Paid Off from service on 23 November 1945 and returned to its owners on 22 July 1946.

At about 2.15 am on 8 June 1942, Japanese submarine I-21 under the command of Captain Kanji Matsumura, shelled Newcastle in New South Wales. A Royal Australian Navy report dated 15 June 1942 states that at 2340hrs "Naval Auxiliary Patrol launches in line abreast swept the harbour dropping Mills bombs. They were followed by the H.M.A.S. "Bermagui"."



Royal Australian Navy A - Z  Ships, Aircraft and Shore Establishments
by J.H. Straczek


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