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548 Squadron RAF was initially formed at Lawnton Airfield in south east Queensland on 15 December 1943. They trained in Wirraways and Tiger Moths until their new Spitfires arrived in April 1944.

548 Squadron RAF relocated to Petrie Airfield on 19 January 1944. They then moved to Amberley Airfield west of Brisbane on 25 May 1944. they relocated to Livingstone Airfield in teh Northern Territory on 15 June 1944 with Detachments established at Strauss Airfield, Northern Territory and Truscott Airfield, Western Australia.

548 Squadron RAF moved to Parap Airfield in Darwin on 22 October 1944. The Squadron was disbanded in October 1945.



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Photo via Tony Porter

548 Squadron RAF
Possibly taken at Petrie Airfield


Mid-air collision of 2 Spitfires
at Petrie on 19 April 1944


"Spitfire Avenue" by Robert Martin
A DVD-R dedicated to the two pilots
killed in the above crash near Petrie



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