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243 Squadron RAF moved to Canada on 17 December 1944 after being reformed at Morecambe. They trained in Canada using Dakotas. The Squadron began to relocate to Australia in January 1945.

The Squadron operated a number of communications flights that linked British bases in support of the British Pacific Fleet in the South West Pacific Area SWPA. They also flew to Hong Kong after the Japanese surrender.

243 Squadron of 300 Wing operated Dakota IVs at Camden Airfield. In February 1945 243 Squadron RAF had 30 Douglas Dakota IVs.

In 1945 / 1946 a choir was formed from 243 Squadron RAF personnel who were stationed at Camden airfield in New South Wales, Australia. The choir was conducted by and possibly formed by Michael Brien.


243 Squadron RAF Choir


243 Squadron RAF Choir on Stage of Camden Agricultural Hall


Michael John Brooks standing in front of "City of Cardiff", RN 340,
C-47 Dakota IV, RAF Transport Corps, at Camden, NSW


"City of Cardiff"


A/C 2 Michael John Brooks, (2220608) was a member of 243 Squadron Royal Air Force (RAF). Towards the later part of the War he was transferred to Australia and was based in at Camden airfield in Camden, New South Wales with 243 Squadron RAF.

The C-47 Dakota, "City of Cardiff" was named on behalf of Michael Brooks as he was the only Cardiff born Welshman based at Camden in 243 Squadron RAF. It appears the rest of the Squadron made this gesture for him.


Leave pass dated 19 October 1945 for a trip to Sydney which was signed by a J. D. Johnson F/O.


Back row left to right - A/C Michael John Brooks (2220608), Unknown, Smithy (from Wales),
Arnold Hurst and front row sitting LAC Harold 'Harry' Phillips 
at Camden in early 1945


A/C 2 Michael Brooks at the right end in front row (no cap)
with his hospital service mates in Camden in early 1945


Michael Brooks' mail address was:- 

220608 A/C2 Brooks M,
Hut16 4 243 SE RAF,
Camden NSW Aust

This address was from a letter that his sister wrote in May 1945.

243 Squadron RAF was disbanded in Australia on 15 April 1946.  A significant number of Australians had also served with 243 Squadron RAF whilst it was located in Australia.



"Under the Southern Cross: The B-24 Liberator in the South Pacific" by Bob Livingstone



I'd like to thank Don Brooks for his assistance with this home page. Don's father, Michael John Brooks was a member of 243 Squadron Royal Air Force. 

I'd also like to thank Phillip Brien for his assistance with this web page. Phillip's great uncle Michael Brien was a member of 243 Squadron RAF.

I'd like to thank Bob Livingstone for his assistance with this web page.


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