RAAF Command was established in Major General George Kenney's Allied Air Forces (AAF) in September 1942. From 1942 to 1944, RAAF Command Headquarters was primarily located in the AMP building, where General Douglas MacArthur had his General Headquarters, Southwest Pacific Area (GHQ SWPA).

By 1945 RAAF Command Headquarters had moved to Camp Victoria Park.

Air Vice Marshal W.D. Bostock was Air Officer Commanding RAAF Command from 1942 until 1945.

Major General George Kenney, Commander of Allied Air Forces (AAF) divided the Allied operational air units into Fifth Air Force (USAAF) and RAAF Command. RAAF Command was given responsibility for the defense of the Australian continent plus Northwestern area. Fifth Air Force was assigned responsibility for the Northeastern area. The RAAF's No. 9 Group was attached to the Fifth Air Force for air operations in New Guinea. The Air Defence Areas are shown in the map below. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the map.


Air Defence Areas


Photo:- via Philip Hill

"D" Shift RAAF Command Brisbane standing at
 the bottom of Jacob's Ladder in Upper Edward Street




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