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Cec Fisher's Photographic Collection

12sqn01.jpg (40175 bytes) 12 Squadron Hawker Demons at Laverton, Victoria in 1939
12sqn02.jpg (71635 bytes) 12 Squadron's base at Parap Civilian airfield, Christmas 1939. Photograph taken from a Wirraway flying above the Parap Hotel. This area is now a built-up residential area and the original runway is now Ross Smith Avenue. The Darwin Racecourse is located behind the airfield. Fannie Bay and East Point can be seen at the top of the photograph.
12sqn03.jpg (40367 bytes) 12 Squadron Avro Anson, Darwin 1939
12sqn04.jpg (45901 bytes) Cec Fisher, February 1989 at Point Cook, with an original 12 Squadron  Hawker Demon.
12sqn05.jpg (50201 bytes) Cec Fisher standing on the wing of an early Wirraway
12sqn61.jpg (57780 bytes) Ian Robertson, original member of 12 Squadron and President of N0 12 Squadron Association, unveiling a plaque for 12 Squadron at Laverton, Victoria on 6 February 1989. 
12sqn06.jpg (62049 bytes) Laverton February 1989, with Squadron originals Doug Laver, Jack Gerber, Joe Werner, Dick Veasey, Alec Spooner, George Prosser, and Ted Roberts.
12sqn07.jpg (54910 bytes) Arthur Hocking unveiling a plaque in Darwin in July 1989. Graham Chalmers looking on.
12sqn08.jpg (108380 bytes) Darwin July 1989, some early 12 Squadron chaps along with serving members in uniform. Bettie Fisher in front with Administrator and invited group.
12sqn09.jpg (66596 bytes) Plaque for 12 Squadron RAAF at Darwin in July 1989.
12sqn10.jpg (63996 bytes) Graham Chalmers, Commanding Officer in July 1989 of 12 Squadron RAAF (Chinooks) 
12sqn11.jpg (38123 bytes) First day of RAAF re-union inspecting old D.C.A. Hangar at Parap Civil Drome, Darwin, July 1989. This hangar first used by 12 Squadron in September 1939.
12sqn16.jpg (59099 bytes) Inspecting old D.C.A. Hangar at Parap Civil Drome, Darwin, July 1989. 
12sqn15.jpg (56041 bytes) Visit to Adelaide River War Cemetery, July 1989
12sqn12.jpg (39546 bytes) "We found it! Our old emergency air strip at Pell, south of Darwin.
12sqn13.jpg (48074 bytes) RAAF Buses which drove us about. On highway near Adelaide River.
12sqn14.jpg (62322 bytes) Another find at Batchelor Satellite Strip. Ian Robertson, Andy Kelso and Jim Truscott with rusted remains of steel mesh used on drome in wet weather.
12sqn17.jpg (93812 bytes) Introduction to the modern F-18 Hornet aircraft. Cec Fisher on ladder at right, Darwin, July 1989.
12sqn18.jpg (79419 bytes) Inspecting cockpit of F-18 Hornet, Darwin, July 1989.
12sqn19.jpg (35546 bytes) Closing down flypast for No. 12 Squadron (Chinook), Amberley, 1990.
12sqn20.jpg (41172 bytes) Closing down flypast for No. 12 Squadron (Chinook), Amberley, 1990.
12sqn21.jpg (39904 bytes) Closing down parade for No. 12 Squadron (Chinook), Amberley, 1990.
12sqn22.jpg (37574 bytes) 12 Squadron Wirraways over Melville Island
12sqn23.jpg (30354 bytes) 12 Squadron Vultee Vengeance dive bombers over Merauke
12sqn24.jpg (64781 bytes) 12 Squadron Wirraways. Painting by Bob Alford from the Northern Territory.
12sqn25.jpg (25375 bytes) 12 Squadron - The Prime Movers, RAAF Amberley
12sqn26.jpg (51251 bytes) Sleeping quarters at Vestey's Meatworks. Mosquito nets were an essential item to keep away the mosquitos.
12sqn27.jpg (43380 bytes) Meteorological Officer "Blue" Connor and Sgt. Bert Crudgington wash their clothes by boiling them in tins on an open fire in front of the NCO's Quarters, RAAF Station, Darwin, 1941..
12sqn28.jpg (61879 bytes) "Farewell to a gentleman" 15 August 1941 - Squadron Leader Clarrie P. Glasscock with members of 12 Squadron following a parade where he was presented with the framed photos in this photograph.
12sqn29.jpg (28154 bytes) Excerpt from the Menu for the Farewell Dinner for Squadron Leader Clarrie P. Glasscock which was held on 18 August 1941.
12sqn30.jpg (90604 bytes) Civilian Aerodrome, at Parap, Darwin. Shows the Guinea Airways hangar and the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) building in August 1939. The Guinea Airways hangar still stood a number of years ago and still showed some scars from the Japanese air raids on 19 February 1942.
12sqn31.jpg (46249 bytes) "Christmas Treat" held at Parap Civil Aerodrome on Friday 22 December 1939. The Wirraways are a silver colour. Camouflaged Wirraways did not arrive in Darwin until 11 January 1940.
12sqn32.jpg (51031 bytes) "Christmas Treat" held at Parap Civil Aerodrome on Friday 22 December 1939. 
12sqn33.jpg (70714 bytes) 12 Squadron's "A" and "B" Flights' Bellman Hangar that was used for the "Smoke Concert" held on the evening of Friday 22 December 1939. The Stage is supported on empty beer barrels.
12sqn34.jpg (76327 bytes) Wedge Tailed Eagle shot at Milner's Swamp. Left to Right:- Hobley, Cadd, Cec Fisher, Hughes and Ian Robertson.
12sqn35.jpg (48053 bytes) Wirraway A20-89 of 12 Squadron RAAF runs up its engine before take off at Para Civil Aerodrome, Darwin 1940.
12sqn36.jpg (37331 bytes) Wirraways of "C" Flight, 12 Squadron RAAF on the tarmac at the Parap Civil Drome, Darwin, 1940.
12sqn37.jpg (55465 bytes) RAAF Station Darwin under construction, early 1940.
12sqn38.jpg (70276 bytes) Parade held at RAAF Station Darwin, 1940.
12sqn39.jpg (29588 bytes) A 13 Squadron, Mark 1 Hudson delivers spare parts to an unserviceable 12 Squadron Wirraway flown by Squadron Leader Keith "Tats" Hampshire at Wyndham 1940.
12sqn40.jpg (51794 bytes) 12 Squadron personnel relax at Drysdale River Mission in 1940. Seated Left to Right:- LAC Dick Veasey, Sgt. Alex Spooner, F/Lt Cyrus Sharp, P/O "Pete" Smith, P/O Colin Munro. Standing:- S/Ldr Clarrie Glasscock (the Commanding Officer).
12sqn41.jpg (46296 bytes) 12 Squadron Wirraways over Darwin in 1940.
12sqn42.jpg (67552 bytes) 12 Squadron "Sporting Activities" near temporary Hutted Camp, Darwin in 1940. Reg Wood on the right.
12sqn43.jpg (83431 bytes) Hotel Darwin in 1940, which was managed by Vin Leahy.
12sqn44.jpg (51643 bytes) F/Sgt Frank Courtis and Cpl Wetherall enjoy a drink from coconuts which grew along the Darwin foreshore.
12sqn45.jpg (44038 bytes) Jimmy Truscott and Ben Kennedy inspect a termite nest during a bush trip to Humpty Doo in the Northern territory.
12sqn46.jpg (150590 bytes) Stage Dressing for a 12 Squadron show in about early 1940. "Moth Eaton's Flying Circus" can be seen on one of the signs.


No. 5, 17th January 1940

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No. 7, 3rd February 1940

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12sqn58.jpg (145093 bytes) 12sqn59.jpg (133097 bytes) 12sqn60.jpg (140177 bytes)  


50th Anniversary of the Formation of No. 12 Squadron RAAF
Conducted at RAAF Laverton on 6 February 1989

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50th Anniversary of the Arrival of No. 12 Squadron RAAF in Darwin
Conducted at RAAF Darwin on 28 July 1989

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50th Anniversary of 12 Squadron RAAF

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Re-union Souvenir
No. 12 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force - A Brief History

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I'd like to thank Bettie Fisher for providing me access (via Monty Jesinoswksi) to Cec Fisher's memories and photographs of 12 Squadron RAAF during WW2.


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