8 Squadron was formed on 11 September 1939 at Fairbairn. The squadron was initially equipped with Douglas DC-2's and DC-3's. They re-equipped with Lockheed Hudsons in May 1940.

In August 1940 they moved to Sembawang, Singapore where they stayed until moving to Kota Baharu in February 1941. 

They moved back to Sembawang in August 1941. They then relocated to Kauntan in December 1941 for a short while then back again to Sembawang in the same month. They moved to Palembang in January 1942 and then Batavia in February 1942 where they disbanded.

The squadron was reformed on 12 March 1943 at Fairbairn with Australian built Bristol Beauforts prior to moving to Bohle River.

8 Squadron RAAF, a torpedo Bomber squadron, was based at Bohle airfield near Townsville from 31 May 1943 until 23 August 1943 when they moved to Goodenough Island.

In April 1944 they moved to Nadzab and then on to Tadji in June 1944 where they were disbanded on 19 January 1946.


The following photographs were supplied by Jack Smith (134318), ex 8 Squadron RAAF Flight Mechanic.


8 Squadron Personnel - Jack Smith is 3rd from right in the front row.

Jack Smith running up the engines at Tadji
in 1945 after an 40 or 80 hourly inspection


8sqn02.jpg (279826 bytes)

8 Squadron personnel


8sqn03.jpg (246952 bytes)

8 Squadron Personnel


Propaganda leaflets dropped by 8 Squadron while based at Aitape


8sqn05.jpg (144424 bytes)

Reverse side of leaflet


8sqn06.jpg (192241 bytes)

Propaganda leaflet


8sqn07.jpg (101542 bytes)

Propaganda leaflet


8sqn08.jpg (185636 bytes)

Propaganda leaflet


Crash of an 8 Squadron Beaufort into the sea
about 20 miles east of Townsville on 14 June 1943


Crash of a Beaufort, A9-229, possibly from 8 Squadron
at Bohle River air strip on 10 July 1943


Crash of Beaufort, A9-264, of 8 Squadron forced landed
about 2 miles south west of Bohle River air strip on 6 July 1943



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