220 Radar RAAF was established at Camden in New South Wales on 7 July 1943. It relocated to Mascot, Sydney on 17 August 1943 and then soon after established a radar station at Bowcock Road, Bones Knob, near Tolga in far north Queensland. Flying Officer Edward Lindsay Wiseman (0210117) was the Commanding Officer of 220 Radar RAAF.

The 73.15 hectare property that 220 Radar Station was located on was sold in late 2017. It contains two heritage listed large concrete igloos associated with the radar station. One igloo contained the transmitter equipment and the other the receiver equipment. A third smaller igloo which contained a generator is located in the Mabi forest. The new owners in about September 2017 were Tammy and Marco Tiraboschi from Mareeba.

220 Radar Station used English ACO (Advanced Chain Overseas) equipment operated in the HF band at 42.05 megacycles per second. Two large 132ft wooden radar towers, were located approximately 300 feet apart which carried the transmitting and receiving aerials.



The RHSQ Bulletin, December 2017 No. 825

"Diary of World War II North Queensland" by Peter Nielsen


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