Subject:    WW2 Aircraft wrecks
Date:             Fri, 4 Jun 1999 15:40:35 +1000
From: "Paul Snow" <>

Just for you info: crash of B-24 of Yorkeys Knob was actually a B-17 (see comments below) and the Gypsy Major in Freshwater Valley is a Dehaviland Dragon (see comments below). You have an excellent web site. My information comes from Steve Fowler, Bayview Heights, Cairns. He actually went and found what was left of the Dragon.

The B-17 was destroyed by a flare igniting in flight.

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Paul Snow

COMMENTS:-  My records indicate that the B-17 on this page, which was destroyed by an igniting flare, actually crashed the next day on 17 August 1942.  So this may be a different crash of a B-24 on the previous day.  I'll change the Gypsy Major to a Dragon as it looks more correct. The A34 series of RAAF aircraft were Dragons.  Regards Peter Dunn


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