Das war nicht nur "Karneval im August"
By Reinhold Adler

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First Edition Book
Reinhold Adler: Das war nicht nur "Karneval im August"
Das Internierungslager Biberach an der Riß 1942-1945

Edited by the Municipal Archives Biberach/Riss in co-operation with the Historical Society Biberach (Biberach Historical Studies Vol 6), pp.320, 29 photos, 9 tables

Available at the Biberach Archives and book shops as well as in the internet (www.biberach-riss.de)
ISBN 3-9806818-2-3
24,30 €

Available at the Biberach Archives and in book shops

Contents:- During World War II more than 2000 Channel Islanders from Guernsey, Jersey and Sark were deported and interned in Germany by the German Occupying Forces as a reprisal for deporting German nationals ex-Iran to Loveday Camp 10 in South Australia, Australia. . One of the internment camps was "Lindele Camp", situated in former barracks near Biberach/Riss, South Germany. Reinhold Adler describes the backgrounds of the deportations and tells an impressive story about life in a German internment camp, which was not just "Carnival in August" as local eye-witnesses used to call a summer festival in camp in August 1943. In spite of excellent food supply by international organisations, life behind barbed wire was never without any conflicts and problems. Particularly during the last months of war, when Biberach Camp was used as a Transit Camp for Jewish detainees from Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, who were supposed to be exchanged to Switzerland.


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