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I believe there was an Internment Camp for Italians near Koo-wee-rup in Victoria during WWII. Carolyn Griffiths is looking for information on her grandfather who was held there. He was one of the crew of a shipping company owned by Lloyd Tristino who was held at Koo-wee-rup.

Donny Rettore, was an Italian caught in Africa in WW2 bought to Victoria as prisoner of war. He was initially held at Mt Martha, then at Koo-wee-rup (Bayles Camp) and then taken to Gladysdale to work on a potato farm owned by Mr Condon who had a son Don Condon and a daughter.

Mark Bell's family come from the Koo-wee-rup swamp area, south east of Melbourne in Victoria. Marks' father was a young boy during WWII and had always talked about the Italian Prisoner of War Camp which was located in farmland near a small town called Bayles, about 5 miles from Koo-wee-rup. He was adamant that it was a POW camp, not an internment camp.

Another military facility in the area was the Monomeith Park Airfield.



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