S/Sgt. Quentin W. Blakely, Radio Operator from Washington D.C. was killed during an operational mission to Rabaul on 5 January 1943. Their B-17 Flying Fortress #41-24453 from the 64th Squadron of the 43rd Bomb Group, was shot down by Japanese fighter aircraft. Also on board was General Kenneth Walker, the Commanding Officer of the Fifth Bomber Command.

His next of kin was listed as:-

Mrs. Quentin W. Blakely (Wife)
711 Randolph Street N.E. Apt. #2
Washington 17, D.C.

Quenalee Nelson, niece of Quentin W. Blakely, was born 7 years to the day that the Flying Fortress was shot down. Her  mother was expecting her to be a boy, at which time she was going to name the baby Quentin Blake. But when a girl was born she chose "Quenalee", and to this day, Quenalee believee she is the only person ever named that!

Quentin W. Blakely came from a large family (3 brothers and 4 sisters. Quenalee mother was the oldest girl in the family. Quentin grew up in Ririe, Idaho - southeast Idaho in the mountains. The family raised sheep and consequently, Quentin tended the sheep for a large portion of his young life. He was married to a local girl in 1941. He was called to active duty shortly thereafter, and his wife, Beth moved to Washington DC because a job was offered to her. They never had any children. The death of Quentin had a profound effect on the family - and to this day, he is honoured and missed. 

Although Quenalee never knew him, she considers it a great honour to have been named after him. From family stories, he had quite a sense of humour, and was very articulate in his speech and manner. 


S/Sgt. Quentin W. Blakely


S/Sgt. Quentin W. Blakely



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