hline.gif (2424 bytes)


art165.jpg (68092 bytes) 1st Sgt Dean and Uhlig outside the American Red Cross Service Club, Melbourne
art126.jpg (63598 bytes) Feiss, Frank outside the American Red Cross Service Club, Melbourne. Entrance is to the left of the group.
art118.jpg (58889 bytes) Flinders Street Station, Melbourne
art95.jpg (44937 bytes) Collins Street, Melbourne
 art168.jpg (40854 bytes) Landscape Melbourne - Tocumwal, Bush Country
art164.jpg (42231 bytes) Before the storm, Geelong on Sunday morning. Note T&G building in the background
art161.jpg (36690 bytes) O-47 Tocumwal
art89.jpg (55017 bytes) Beer wagons, Melbourne
art96.jpg (51643 bytes) Chuck Summers, Geelong, Victoria
art92.jpg (40343 bytes) Fords, North Shore, Victoria
art93.jpg (26350 bytes) Highway between Geelong and Melbourne
art131.jpg (48320 bytes) "Miss Spare Parts", at Wagga
art132.jpg (46695 bytes) DC-5's at Wagga
art19.jpg (41488 bytes) C-50 Wagga
art85.jpg (37825 bytes) Lockheed Hudsons at Wagga
art51.jpg (36294 bytes) Lockheed Hudson on line Wagga
art102.jpg (45390 bytes) Lagoon, Wagga
art103.jpg (34425 bytes) Main Street, Forest Hill, Wagga
art13.jpg (37244 bytes) General Royce arriving at Wagga
art70.jpg (54158 bytes) Don Schmid outside the Tuppal Hotel, in Finley, NSW
art81.jpg (45799 bytes) Bill Vogel at Finley
art15.jpg (43621 bytes) Me at Corbrom, Victoria
art77.jpg (52982 bytes) Me, Heiser, Shmid, Durham outside the Tuppal Hotel
art100.jpg (84181 bytes) A lizard
art101.jpg (74558 bytes)  
art97.jpg (77424 bytes)  
art76.jpg (67303 bytes)  
art99.jpg (36069 bytes)  
art113.jpg (51942 bytes)  
art115.jpg (52228 bytes)  
art29.jpg (41889 bytes)  
art34.jpg (52381 bytes)  
art37.jpg (47151 bytes)  
art50.jpg (55114 bytes)  
art52.jpg (46489 bytes) Me, Skin, Stoney, Stmot, Baldo
art01.jpg (27894 bytes) Koles and me
art02.jpg (47535 bytes) Outside the office of Surgeon Dentist Dr. C.L.C. Henry
art54.jpg (79425 bytes)  
art55.jpg (62049 bytes) Stmot, Me, Bell, Stoney, Skin
art45.jpg (35285 bytes) At the local pub
art21.jpg (47621 bytes)  At the local pub
art42.jpg (52928 bytes) Don, me and Frank
art43.jpg (35642 bytes) Baldo, Skin, Stoney, me and Bell
art03.jpg (57728 bytes) Jeff Beckert
art05.jpg (37387 bytes) Jeff Beckert
art39.jpg (41776 bytes) Jeff and me
art49.jpg (55428 bytes) Me and Swern
art65.jpg (35180 bytes)  
art69.jpg (46139 bytes) Hughes Uhlig
art78.jpg (67610 bytes) Bosto, Carl, Bob, me, Eolyard, Hains
art90.jpg (38848 bytes)  
art91.jpg (48935 bytes) Bob Harden
art79.jpg (40796 bytes)  
art82.jpg (44321 bytes) Baldo, Stmot, Kenny, Blondie, me, Skin
art83.jpg (58283 bytes) Paul Clingman
art84.jpg (62037 bytes)  
art86.jpg (48255 bytes) Don, Baldo, Bill and Herb
art87.jpg (77399 bytes) Tommy
art88.jpg (45453 bytes) Donald Schess
art71.jpg (54379 bytes) Johnny Miller
art66.jpg (65342 bytes) Ray Chipman
art62.jpg (46492 bytes) Joe Otto
art40.jpg (73376 bytes) Me and Joe
art07.jpg (14279 bytes) me
art08.jpg (46309 bytes) Stanley Wilczynski
art09.jpg (44818 bytes)  
art11.jpg (49107 bytes) me, Dewey Stmot?, Stoney Blanche, Baldo, Skin
art12.jpg (45991 bytes) Stratton, Boston, Hughes
art14.jpg (55808 bytes) Dick Fisher and Tommy Shook 
art23.jpg (35165 bytes)  
art25.jpg (64074 bytes)  
art116.jpg (63046 bytes)  
art24.jpg (60438 bytes)  
art18.jpg (34598 bytes)  Pearl
art26.jpg (62091 bytes) Pearl
art28.jpg (46898 bytes) Pearl
art30.jpg (53344 bytes) Pearl
art31.jpg (27507 bytes) Pearl
art32.jpg (32178 bytes) Pearl
art33.jpg (39495 bytes) Me and Pearl
art35.jpg (61155 bytes) Pearl and ?
art48.jpg (58733 bytes) Pearl
art57.jpg (73406 bytes) Pearl
art60.jpg (56790 bytes) Pearl
art63.jpg (44172 bytes) Me and Pearl
art73.jpg (59137 bytes) Me and Pearl
art74.jpg (44633 bytes) Me and Pearl
art80.jpg (39807 bytes) Me and Pearl
art147.jpg (60194 bytes) Pearl
art148.jpg (55787 bytes) Pearl
art149.jpg (39535 bytes) Me and Pearl


art166.jpg (58106 bytes)  Pearl
art04.jpg (55295 bytes)  
art106.jpg (36707 bytes) Lawn Bowls
art172.jpg (41249 bytes) Lawn Bowls
art38.jpg (37784 bytes) Lawn Bowls
art41.jpg (63046 bytes)  
art44.jpg (64676 bytes)  
art47.jpg (33199 bytes)  
art53.jpg (50676 bytes)  
art22.jpg (39550 bytes) Is this the Stock Route airfield, in Townsville?
art46.jpg (64627 bytes)  
art10.jpg (84201 bytes) Looking west from tent (home). Mt Louisa in the background.
art56.jpg (54220 bytes) Townsville, Queensland, Australia. Mt Louisa can be seen in the background.
art58.jpg (51338 bytes)  
art20.jpg (49089 bytes) Where is this cemetery? Townsville perhaps?

(US Military Cemetery Townsville)

art59.jpg (33639 bytes)  
art36.jpg (48868 bytes) The Sun-Setters' "Son"
art64.jpg (45545 bytes)  
art67.jpg (27171 bytes)  
art68.jpg (96553 bytes)  
art72.jpg (55005 bytes)  
art94.jpg (22604 bytes)  
art98.jpg (44336 bytes) "Come and Get It"

(Bob Livingstone advised that "Come and Get It" is another B-24D which started with the 43rd Bomb Group, 65th Bomb Squadron and transferred to the 90th Bomb Group, 400th Bomb Squadron.  Serial 42-40941, it went to CRTC & the remains were photographed at Dobodura.)

art178.jpg (38784 bytes) "Come and Get It"
art104.jpg (36887 bytes)  
art105.jpg (50047 bytes) Soldier's nightmare, "Sheep"
art107.jpg (61921 bytes) Martins Miscarriage
art108.jpg (86751 bytes)  
art61.jpg (45560 bytes) B-24 Liberator, #42-40914, of the 43rd Bomb Group, 63rd Bomb Squadron, before it had a nose turret.  After the turret mod it went to the 90th Bomb Group, 321st Bomb Squadron, who added the name "Golden Lady".  It flew at least 97 missions & was salvaged at Nadzab on 7 November 1944. (Info supplied by Bob Livingstone)
art27.jpg (43942 bytes)  B-24 Liberator, #42-40914, of the 43rd Bomb Group, 63rd Bomb Squadron
art111.jpg (50142 bytes)  
art112.jpg (45707 bytes) Overlooking Townsville. The Catholic Cathedral in the background
art114.jpg (38767 bytes) Nose of a B-18
art117.jpg (42967 bytes) B-26 at the Townsville Air Depot. Mount Stuart can be seen in the background.
art119.jpg (38623 bytes) B-17 Flying Fortress, "Yankee Diddler" "Would'nt it root ya"
art120.jpg (57400 bytes)  
art121.jpg (35149 bytes)  
art122.jpg (47194 bytes) Snapper Marshall
art123.jpg (38888 bytes)  
art124.jpg (41735 bytes)  
art125.jpg (49765 bytes)  
art127.jpg (39024 bytes) Frilly Lizard
art128.jpg (73566 bytes) DC-5 and tail of a B-24 at Burke. 

(Bob Livingstone believes this photo shows the back end of an LB-30 (rather than a B-24).  Location Burke must be the name of the person surely. This has to be Townsville to have an LB-30 as this is where they were based while armed. Pretty early 1942 shot as by September 1942 they were transports.)

art129.jpg (51996 bytes)  
art130.jpg (43036 bytes) Townsville Air Depot, Mount Louisa
art133.jpg (55632 bytes) B-17 Flying Fortress at the Townsville Air Depot
art134.jpg (59775 bytes) Boston, Shook, Heins, Balyant, Humphrey, Harden
art135.jpg (39590 bytes) Herb Grove
art136.jpg (65897 bytes)  
art137.jpg (41641 bytes) P-38 Lightning
art145.jpg (63953 bytes)  
art146.jpg (53439 bytes) Ford Motor Company of Australia Pty. Ltd.
art150.jpg (49501 bytes)  
art151.jpg (42274 bytes)  
art16.jpg (43455 bytes) B-17-E Flying Fortress
art17.jpg (66946 bytes) LB30 (B-24)
art138.jpg (17806 bytes) C-47
art139.jpg (42137 bytes) At the Townsville Air Depot. Mt. Louisa in the Background.
art142.jpg (39520 bytes)  
art143.jpg (63062 bytes)  
art144.jpg (54688 bytes)  
art140.jpg (38468 bytes)  
art141.jpg (50500 bytes) P-40 Warhawk
art06.jpg (33493 bytes)  
art152.jpg (50084 bytes) "Heaven Can Wait"
art153.jpg (39188 bytes)  
art154.jpg (55675 bytes)  
art155.jpg (47337 bytes)  
art156.jpg (36316 bytes) "Shewansta" 

(Bob Livingstone believes "Shewansta" is an as-yet unidentified 43rd Bomb Group, 65th Bomb Squadron B-24D in the 42-40*** area.)

art157.jpg (35239 bytes)  
art158.jpg (33789 bytes)  
art159.jpg (39134 bytes)  
art160.jpg (44785 bytes)  
art171.jpg (26209 bytes)  
art173.jpg (42063 bytes)  
art174.jpg (55287 bytes) Corporal of the Guard
art180.jpg (29940 bytes)  
art181.jpg (41440 bytes)  
art182.jpg (84549 bytes) 54th NCO Club
art183.jpg (37794 bytes)  
art184.jpg (58023 bytes)  
art186.jpg (61583 bytes)  
art187.jpg (168548 bytes)  
art188.jpg (221791 bytes) To the best Mother and Father in the whole wide World,  Arthur
art189.jpg (14742 bytes)  
art190.jpg (24355 bytes)  
art191.jpg (19586 bytes)  
art192.jpg (22984 bytes)  
art194.jpg (21179 bytes)  
art196.jpg (17054 bytes)  
art197.jpg (54176 bytes)  
art162.jpg (51432 bytes)  
art163.jpg (61954 bytes) "The Vigorous Virgin"
art167.jpg (41235 bytes) "Here comes Elmer again!"
art169.jpg (43388 bytes) "Pickled Peach"

(Bob Livingstone believes this is another unidentified 43rd Bomb Group B-24-J in the 42-72*** range.)

art170.jpg (36727 bytes)  
art179.jpg (36340 bytes) B-17-E Flying Fortress
art193.jpg (23492 bytes) "The Alpine Milkman"
art195.jpg (23774 bytes)  
art175.jpg (37317 bytes) "The Vigorous Virgin"
art176.jpg (22995 bytes)  
art177.jpg (45508 bytes) Tiger Moth and a B-17-E Flying Fortress

(Bob Livingstone confirmed that this is actually Gipsy Moth A7-88 and not a Tiger Moth.)

art200.jpg (43537 bytes) "Boomerang"
art201.jpg (39291 bytes)  
art202.jpg (45573 bytes) At the Townsville Air Depot
art198.jpg (106807 bytes)  
art199.jpg (101840 bytes)  
art185.jpg (60592 bytes)  
art203.jpg (177566 bytes)  
art204.jpg (137443 bytes)  
art205.jpg (165001 bytes)  



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