On 26 November 1942, US Navy PBY-5A Catalina, 4-P-101, BUNO #2407 from VP-101 made an extremely rough take-off from Exmouth Gulf in Western Australia and because of loss of oil pressure and high oil temperature on the port engine, it returned to Exmouth Gulf. A normal full stall landing was made, but near the end of the landing run, the aircraft hit a large wave, causing it to bounce into the air and on the subsequent landing large quantities of water entered the aircraft through the bombing window position in the bow. The aircraft sank in three fathoms of water in the surf just offshore shortly thereafter.

Damage:- Plane completely submerged in salt water for nine days. Port wing tip float and port wing three feet from wing splice sheared off. Major overhaul recommended.

The crew was as follows:-

Pilot. Lt. Roy John Krough (only fatality)
Lt(jg). Charles O. Peters
Lt(jg). Maurice K. Hill (PPC)
AP1c. David T. Harvey
AMM1c. Rudolph F. Wimmer
AMM3c. Tommy A. Maestas
ACRM Lindsey B. Wells
RM2c. Matthew A. Fay
AOM1c. Darrell D. Mitchel

PBY-6A Catalina at Caboolture Air Show 15 May 2004


PBY-6A Catalina at Caboolture Air Show 15 May 2004


All of the crew made it out safely except for the pilot, Lt. Roy John Krogh, who was found in the water dead, having been struck by the still rotating propeller while exiting.

The War Diary of the Commander Fleet Air Wing Ten for 26 November 1942 says:

"#6 Catalina, pilot Lieutenant Roy J. Krogh, U.S.Navy, crash-landed alongside U.S.S. William B. Preston. Bombing window smashed flooding plane which sank. Lieutenant Krogh died as a result of head wounds and drowning. No other injuries to personnel."

Lt Krogh's body was flown to Perth on 27 November 1942 by Catalina #9. USS Heron carried out salvage operations on #6 Catalina during 3 - 4 December 1942.


LtSg. Roy John Krogh at home in Chicago just after his son
Bob was born, about 1 month after Pearl Harbor attack.


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