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Subject:    Wirraway Crash Lake Glenmaggie Victoria March 1942
Date:            Thu, 24 Aug 2000 23:39:29 +1000
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I was referred to your site by an article in the Australian Aviation magazine (Sept 2000 Edition). I haven't enjoyed a site as much as this in ages. I have an avid interest in aviation (particularly aviation archaeology) and was impressed by your site.

When looking at your Victorian Crash site page, I was looking for a crash site that I did not end up finding. Here are the details as I know them. To corroborate my story I have attached 3 photographs I took when I visited the site.

The plane involved is a Wirraway and the crash site is located at Lake Glenmaggie in East Gippsland (Approx 5 km north of the town of Heyfield). I couldn't find documentation of the crash that I used to have. I originally located details in the Argus newspaper, archived at the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne. The aircraft was on training mission from East Sale in early March, 1942. The   aircraft performed aerobatics over the lake and then crashed into the lake. There was only a Sergeant Pilot in the aircraft and his body was recovered by the RAAF the day following the crash.

Information I have as unconfirmed follows: In about 1967 during a drought the wreck became exposed and the engine was retrieved by people from Heyfield and I believe the engine is still in Heyfield (location unknown).

Information relating to my visits to the site: In about 1980, I was paddling around the lake during another drought when I located the wreck. On the day following, I took my brother to the wreck site. On this day, we assisted the Australian Aircraft Restoration Group (Moorabbin Air Museum) recover the port wing from the site.

In August, 1982, I returned to the crash site and took photographs. The three I have attached are part of a set of 11 photographs I took.

I wasn't able to get hold of my brother tonight to find the serial number of the aircraft involved. He has an Australian Publication that lists history of Wirraway crashes and disposals. If you require this information I can chase it up for you.

A wheel and undercarriage leg are displayed to the public at the dam (weir wall).

Regards Trevor Vondrasek.

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Subject:     Lake Glenmaggie Wirraway
Date:              Thu, 5 Oct 2000 22:45:52 +1000
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Dear Peter,

The Wirraway in Lake Glenmaggie was A20-404. The pilot was Sgt. Noel Edmund Giddings 416021 age 25. It crashed on the 14th March 1942 and his body was recovered on the 18th March 1942. He was based at West Sale. He was flying with Wirraway A20-414 piloted by F/Lt. P.K.Strack and Sgt. Stewart to demonstrate and supervise elementary air combat tactic. Sgt. Giddings was flying solo.

Rick Hanning



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