ON 14 JULY 1942


A USAAF aircraft of the 22nd Troop Carrier Squadron of the 374th Troop Carrier Group went missing on 14 July 1942 after taking off from Essendon airfield in Melbourne. This was the first loss for the 22nd Troop Carrier Squadron. The aircraft entered a clod bank at 300 feet and was not seen again. A search was made but no trace of the aircraft or crew was found.

The crew and passenger, as follows, were all listed as missing:-

2nd Lt. Robert L. Davis, 0431395
2nd Lt. Harry P. Forry, 0-430579
T/Sgt. Jack H. Dorsett, 6293489

Private Robert E. Taylor 14033787 - Passenger, member of 405th Bomb Squadron, 38th Bomb Group

Private Robert E. Taylor was on detached service with the 22nd Transport Squadron at the time he went missing.

An official report dated 6 August 1943 stated as follows:-

"The plane's normal route would have been near the east coast of Australia and probably a part of the route would have been over teh sea. It was concluded that the plane either crashed or was forced down on land or sea in an area under control of friendly forces."

A separate official report date 6 August 1943 stated as follows:-

a. Personnel referred to departed APO 924 on 9 July, 1942

b. Departed APO 922 in Flight L-5, 1007 $ 14 July, 1942, en route to APO 929 via Cooktown for refuelling.

c. Plane is believed to have gone down between APO 922 and Lully.

d. Upon failure to arrive at final destination, several other aircraft and crew were sent out as searching parties, but discovered no trace of teh missing airplane or its crew, nor have they been located subsequently.


Note:- The following are location for the Army Post Office numbers mentioned above:-

APO 924 = Melbourne

APO 922 = Townsville

APO 929 = Port Moresby, New Guinea

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