ON 21 MARCH 1942


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Wackett Trainer


RAAF Wackett Trainer A3-156 crashed at "Wooloomanata", near Geelong, Victoria. "Wooloomanata" is located on the Geelong-Bacchus Marsh Rd, No 1580. The two occupants of the Wackett Trainer were US Army Air Corps personnel who were both killed:-

Lt. F.R. Weber, USAAC (pilot) - seated in the front of the aircraft
Sgt. J.W. Brown, USAAC (passenger) - seated in the rear of the aircraft

The Court of Inquiry meet on 24 March 1942 at No. 1 Aircraft Depot, RAAF Station Laverton to investigate this accident by order of Headquarters, Southern Area. Sqn/Ldr H.C. Owen (298) was the President of the Court of Inquiry. The other member was F/Lt V.H. Hothe? (1553).. 

There were many witnesses called to appear at the Inquiry:-

S/Ldr E.L. Chapman (75) No. 1A.D.
S/Ldr F.J.P. Wood (205) E.T.S. No. 1 A.D.
W/O V. Tremayne (734) E.T.S. No. 1 A.D.
L.A.C. R.G. Gascoigne (13409) E.T.S. No. 1 A.D.
L.A.C. N.E. Vogel (19626) E.T.S. No. 1 A.D.
F/Lt. F.D. Power No. 1 A.D.
L.A.C. J.D. Crosier (13302 No. 1 A.D.
Major W.A> Crone?, Southern Command, Training School
Mr. S. Cadwell, Manager "Woollamanatta"
F/Lt. F.G. Favaloro (3716) No. 1 RAAF Hospital
F/O C.T.J. Ryan, No. 1 A.D.

This Wackett Trainer had a Warner Super Scarab engine, Serial No. S3-2291-D. The aircraft was totally destroyed.



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