ON 25 JANUARY 1942

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On 24 January 1942, Richard Legg, USAAC (later retired as a Colonel), parked his aircraft (possibly a Kittyhawk) in the RAAF section of a Melbourne airfield. On the next day, 25 January 1942, Legg went to out to fly his aircraft to Broome in Western Australia.

His memoirs state:- "As I made my way out to the ship that was to take me to Broome, I got word from Australian Ops on the field that some American had taken my fighter plane off and had crashed about 1/4 mile off the field. They did not know who the victim was, but they were checking his false teeth, hoping to get some record. I told them that the victim had to be an Aussie because no American troops had false teeth. They were shocked by my statement. 75% of Australians had false teeth. The victim was an Australian airman that bit off more than he could chew."



Unpublished memoirs of  Colonel Richard Legg, USAF 



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