ON 14 JULY 1942

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USAAF B-17-E Flying Fortress, #41-2636, of the 19th Bombardment Group, crashed near Horn Island on 14 July 1942 at about 2.34am after taking off from Horn Island in heavy rain on a bombing mission to Lae, in New Guinea. The pilot was Lt. Curtis J. "Red Dog" Holdridge (or Holdredge). I was contacted by a Rusty Joyce in 2010 who said that his father Thomas B. Joyce was a crew member in this crash.

#41-2636 and five other B-17s were to take part in a mission to Lae in New Guinea. When the first three B-17s took off at approximately 2:30am it was raining with a high wind blowing across the island. When Holdridge attempted to lift his B-17 over the mangroves at the end of the airfield, it dropped suddenly into the ocean approximately 300 to 400 metres from the shoreline. It ended up on a coral outcrop after ripping off its right wing creating a large hole in the fuselage.

I am not sure if anyone was killed in this accident. I currently have Sgt. Houston A. Rice, 2nd Lt. Edward R. Budz, navigator; and S/Sgt. James E. Houchins, bombardier dying in a second B-17 which crashed at around the same time on 14 July 1942.

B-17E Flying Fortress #41-2636 had originally been delivered to Lowry Field on 5 March 1942. It was initially assigned to the 93rd Bomb Squadron of the 19th Bomb Group in Hawaii on 1 April 1942.


Can anyone advise whether anyone was
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I'd like to thank Michael, Musumeci, Ross McNeill, Rusty Joyce and Paul McMillan for their assistance with this home page.



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"Horn Island - In Their Steps 1939-45"
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"Fortress Against the Sun - The B-17 Flying Fortress in the Pacific"
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