On 18 September 1944, Flying Officer Arthur Keith Kelly (401968) of 452 Squadron RAAF, piloting Spitfire A58-435, was taking part in an interception and attack exercise on B-24 Liberator #42-40935 of the 380th Bomb Group, 5th Air Force over Cape Van Diemen.

At 1015 hours whilst carrying out a head-on quarter attack, Red 3 saw some pieces fly off the B-24 Liberator after F/O Kelly's attack on the B-24. Red 3 then saw F/O Kelly's Spitfire spiralling downwards. Red 3 followed the damaged Spitfire down and noticed that the port wing of F/O Kelly's aircraft was jagged near the outboard gun.  Spitfire A58-435 spiralled into the sea about 1 mile east of Cape Van Diemen, on Melville Island and disappeared.

F/O Kelly was not able to exit his aircraft before it hit the water. An extensive search by Air-Sea-Rescue failed to find any sign of F/O Kelly. His body was never found. He was listed as "Missing Believed Killed".

The B-24 Liberator although damaged, was able to land safely at Darwin Airfield after this tragic accident.

One of the crew members of the B-24 Liberator was Everett D. Bever, the Bombardier. The following is an extract from his diary entry for 18 September 1944:-

"Our entire crew went up over Melville Island on a gunnery training mission. I experienced my greatest scare and narrowest escape from death when a Spitfire flew head on into our #1 engine. Aussie pilot killed. Everyone hurried into their chutes. Everyone was plenty scared. Threw everything overboard. Had our choice of bailing out or riding it in for a landing. All chose to stay with the plane. John and Paul (pilot/copilot) did a miraculous job of flying and landed safely. Doc gave us some sleeping tablets. Hester went to the hospital."

Gunner Hester from his side window watched the Spitfire crash into their #1 engine. He spent over two weeks in the hospital after witnessing the incident.


Photo:- via William D. Bever

Damage to the No. 1 engine of B-24 Liberator #42-40935


Photo:- via William D. Bever

Close-up of damage to the No. 1 engine



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