ON 31 MARCH 1942


On 29 March 1942, orders were received for Frank Allen and John Cooper of the 19th Bomb Squadron of the 22nd Bomb Group, to fly to Perth in Western Australia to to set up a torpedo training program for the 22nd Bomb Group. This later saw the establishment of a Torpedo Training School at Nowra in New South Wales  which the 22nd Bomb Group crews were rotated through.

Allen and Cooper flew to Amberley Airfield from Archerfield Airfield on 29 March 1942 and picked up B-26 Marauder #40-1409 that had been flown to Australia by Lt. Fletcher. Two days later they flew to Sydney with co-pilot 2nd Lt. Robert S. Thompson piloting the aircraft. After landing at Mascot Airfield Thompson asked Lt. Cooper to raise the flaps but he raised the landing gear instead while they were taxying at about 10 mph. This led to one of the main gear legs folding. The wing and propeller on the right side were both damaged and the B-26 Marauder was eventually salvaged. They picked up a replacement B-26 Marauder in Brisbane a few days later and resumed their flight to Perth.


Photo:- Robert S. Thompson Collection

B-26 Marauder #40-1409 after its right landing gear collapsed



"Revenge of the Red Raiders - The Illustrated History of the 22nd Bombardment Group during World War II", Page 55


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