ON 2 MARCH 1942


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Kittyhawk #52 of 8th Pursuit Squadron of the 49th Pursuit Group


Photo:- Col Wilkinson 26th March 2012

70 Years later : P-40E-1 crash site, Shelley’s Creek, Tumut


P-40 Kittyhawk #52,  #41-24817 of 8th Pursuit Squadron of the 49th Pursuit Group belly landed during a smokey haze in a dry creek bed at dusk at "Camelot", Tumut Plains near Tumut, New South Wales on 2nd March 1942. The pilot Mr. Gilbert was uninjured and the aircraft suffered damage to its undercarriage. The aircraft was a total loss and was removed to the airdrome at either Wagga or Canberra. The time of the crash was 0920/2/2.

The P-40 narrowly missed two trees when the pilot belly landed the aircraft. It ploughed through two fences and ended up bouncing over the top of Shelley's Creek and ending up on the opposite bank of the creek. Fortunately for the pilot this opposite bank was a sloping bank rather than a near vertical bank.



"Protect & Revenge"
"The 49th Fighter Group in World War II"
by S.W. Ferguson & William K. Pascalis

Article Adelong & Tumut Express Friday 6 March 1942



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