Photographic Collection of Townsville from 1940's
and a few more recent photos - Private collection held by NQRS

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The following photographs are part of a private collection held by North Queensland Research and Salvage Pty. Ltd, a company interested in the research, discovery and preservation of World War II structures on Australian soil:-


tv08.jpg (42004 bytes) Castle Hill from the Botanical Gardens - 1940's
tv09.jpg (37283 bytes) Castle Hill and Victoria Bridge
tv10.jpg (39807 bytes) Castle Hill from Ross Creek sailing boat shed - Swing Basin area in inner harbour - 1940's
tv11.jpg (33038 bytes) Parking area on top of Castle Hill
tv12.jpg (29899 bytes) From Castle Hill west to Mount Stuart, West End, Rising Sun, Ross Plains, Lavarack Army Base at foot of range, Annandale - site of Major Bong and A/C Bull Garing Memorial Bridges
tv13.jpg (33422 bytes) Swing basin area and South Townville on other side of river - Townsville GPO at bottom right of photo
tv14.jpg (31004 bytes) City buildings, Townsville
tv15.jpg (26139 bytes) Flinders Street and AMP Building
tv16.jpg (29623 bytes) Queens Hotel, The Strand, U.S. Officer Billets - opposite Customs House
tv17.jpg (24593 bytes) Townsville Harbour
tv18.jpg (28468 bytes) Townsville Railway Station
tv19.jpg (27261 bytes) Overlooking The Strand park
tv20.jpg (35417 bytes) Anzac Cenotaph, Band Rotunda at rear and Queens Hotel behind trees to right of photo
tv21.jpg (36506 bytes) The Strand, Townsville
tv22.jpg (30039 bytes) Stanley Street from Victoria Street overpass, city at bottom of hill, Roman Catholic Cathedral in centre of photo - photo taken in 1940's
tv23.jpg (28186 bytes) Denham Street stairs to Our Lady's Mount Christian Brothers College and Townsville General Hospital
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tv26.jpg (20743 bytes) 19 January 1942 - Bill and Mates in New Guinea
tv27.jpg (26765 bytes)  
tv28.jpg (37711 bytes) 18 January 1942 - New Guinea Native Hut
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tv30.jpg (53421 bytes) Corner of palm lined avenue on Magnetic Island
tv31.jpg (22741 bytes) The Strand Band Rotunda
tv32.jpg (24529 bytes) Archway gate, Anzac Park, Coral Sea Memorial Grove now behind - 1940's
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tv34.jpg (24682 bytes) Town Baths, The Strand - now Tobruk Memorial Pool, Magnetic Island in the background - 1940's
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tv36.jpg (26252 bytes) Townsville General Hospital, Eyre Street, North Ward - 1940's
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tv38.jpg (65831 bytes) Customs House, The Strand - opposite Anzac Park and Queens Hotel
tv39.jpg (82327 bytes) Rear of Customs House where U.S. Intelligence Service was next to the old Supreme Court building

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tv40.jpg (47506 bytes) Police Station in Stanley Street opposite the Ambulance
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