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Cr. Brian Beveridge, Mayor of Charters Towers,
standing in the entrance to one of the bunkers


There were 42 bunkers located at Towers Hill in Charters Towers during World War 2. They were used by the RAAF for the storage of munitions, including bombs, ammunition and parachute flares.

In July 2001 it was announced that the RAAF and the Charters Towers Council were going to turn the overgrown area into a tourist location. The Charters Towers Council has received $2.5 million in Heritage Trails money from the Federal Government for three projects in the area, one of which is the Towers Hill bunkers. The Council and the RAAF are throwing in some extra money for the Towers Hill restoration.

One of the 42 bunkers will be turned into a museum. The RAAF will donate memorabilia for the museum. There are about 20 different mine shafts around this hill which were still filled with ordnance after WW2.


Photo:- Tony Keys 9 May 2010

Entrance to one of the many bunkers on Towers Hill


Photo:- Tony Keys 9 May 2010

Inside one of the bunkers


Photo:- Tony Keys 9 May 2010

One of the many bunkers that were located on Towers Hill in Charters Towers during WWII


Photo:- Tony Keys 9 May 2010

The entrance to another one of the bunkers on Towers Hill



Article Townsville Bulletin, 19 July 2001



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