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Was there a tunnel or bunker under Tooheys Hill during World War 2? A story has been passed on to Philip Bravery that someone, as a youngster, can remember seeing trucks and tanks driving into the side of Tooheys Hill. There are also reports of ventilator shafts on the top of the hill. This is in the area near the water tanks on Tooheys Hill. (UBD Map 200, Grid Reference C,1)

Tooheys Hill at Salisbury is not far from the large military installations at Compo Road (now called Evans Road) which included the Rocklea munitions factory. It is also not very far from the large American Army Depot that was located at the corner of Boundary Road and Orange Grove Road. After the war this depot became the Australian Army's Damour Barracks. They have since been demolished and a housing estate built.

Another interesting fact is that there are a large number of caves that go from the eastern side of Orange Grove Road and head towards Mount Gravatt.


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Some tracks in the bush at Tooheys Hill

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Some tracks in the bush at Tooheys Hill - what are they off?

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A very old concrete slab

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Another old slab nearby

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And yet another old slab nearby




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