Reports by Axis Radio on the Townsville Bombing Raids


Radio Tokyo reported the following during a propaganda announcement on 1 and 2 August 1942:-

"All important military installations at Townsville smashed in three raids by the Japanese naval air units.  On 25 July airfields, oil tanks, shipping and supply dumps were raided.  On 28 July airfields, oil tanks and supply dumps were attacked and on 29 July the remaining military installations were bombed.  This attack on Townsville was one of the heaviest since the fall of Singapore."

Radio Berlin went to more extremes in over exaggeration:-

"26 August - In Townsville, which is still burning, the Brisbane railway line was again bombed and made unusable over long stretches."

"6 September - the government of Queensland has decided to evacuate Townsville, which, as is well known, has been subject to particularly violent Japanese raids."


Japanese Air Raids in Australia


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