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The Townsville Harbour Board played a major part in the defence of Townsville during World War 2, through activities associated with the defence of the harbour facilities and various other construction activities including:-

- provided assembly and launching sites for one hundred 40 ton lighters used in and around the harbour

- construction of gun emplacements

- construction of spotting posts

- fabrication of gun mountings

- construction of igloo hangars near Garbutt airfield

- construction of an Operations and Signal bunker at Ramsay Street, Garbutt

- laying and maintenance of RAAF Flying Boat moorings

- construction of the US Army's 12th Station Hospital at Chapman Street, Mysterton Estate

- driving of pile moorings for Commonwealth craft


Townsville Harbour with swimming enclosure on the The Strand in
the vicinity of the Tobruk Memorial Baths. 


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Close-up of the above photo of Townsville harbour.
 Note the two flying boats moored in the harbour.


The Defence of Townsville Harbour


"Z" Force Commandos Raid Townsville Harbour


Aircraft unloaded at Townsville Harbour



"The History of Townsville Harbour 1864 - 1979"
By H.J. Taylor


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