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Fort Bribie, Bribie Island Fort Cowan, Moreton Island Fort Lytton, Brisbane River
Fort Rous, Moreton Island Skirmish Battery, Bribie Island  


Naval Units and Stations

Minesweeper Group 74 Navy Signal Station
at Fort Cowan, 25 Dorothy
Newnham St., Cowan Cowan
Naval Station
at Tangalooma
RAN Station 1
Port War Signal

initially Cowan Cowan, Moreton Is.,
then "Buena Vista", Moffat Head, Caloundra

then Wickham Point, Caloundra
RAN Station 2
Controlled Mining
Station Bribie Island
RAN Station 3
Controlled Mining
Station, Cowan, Moreton Is.
RAN Station 4
Indicator Loop &
Harbour Defence Asdic
Station, at Woorim, Bribie Island
RAN Station 5
Combined Training
Centre (Naval Wing),
RAN Station 6
Fairmile Advanced
Operating Base, Bribie
RAN Station 7
Comboyuro Point
Lookout, North
Stradbroke Island, QLD
RAN Station 8
Boom Defence Facility
near Lytton, Brisbane,
RAN Station 9
Indicator Loop Station
Pinkenba (at
Myrtletown), Brisbane,
RAN Station 10
Controlled Mining Base
near Pinkenba, QLD


Houses comandeered by the military during WW2

"Buena Vista" at Moffat Head, Caloundra "Warne Terrace", Caloundra  


Military Units based on the Sunshine Coast

2/14 Australian Infantry
21st Brigade, 7th Division

based at Yandina
2/7 Independent Company
(Commando Unit)

based at Yandina


Radar Stations

No. 210 Radar Station
Sandgate, QLD
then Toorbul, QLD
Three US Radar Stations at Caloundra (part of a training school)  


Other general information

Caloundra Military Post Office Live firing range between Caloundra and Mooloolaba Seaward Defences for Moreton Bay
HMAS Tambar hit by "Friendly Fire" from Cowan Cowan, Moreton Island Was American Submarine USS Triton
accidentally sunk in Moreton Bay by friendly fire?
British Minelayer "Job 51" mines Moreton Bay
US Submarine almost sunk by the Controlled Minefield in Moreton Bay
Japanese Submarine I-6 laid 9 mines near the approaches to the Brisbane River on 13 March 1942 German mine found on Sunshine Beach
RAAF Wirraway attacks suspected Japanese submarine on 24 March 1942 east of Stradbroke Island 4 June 1942 coastal passenger ship "Canberra" sights Japanese Submarine I-29 off Moreton Island 8 March 1943 HMAS Wagga made an Asdic contact with a suspected Japanese submarine off Southport
26 April 1943 British ship "SS Limerick" sunk by Japanese submarine I-177 off Cape Byron, northern NSW Sinking of the hospital ship "Centaur" on 14 May 1943 by Japanese submarine I-177 4 June 1943 Japanese submarine I-174 attacked American ship "MV Edward Chambers" off Cape Moreton
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Aircraft dumped offshore
Memorial Park at Wickham Point, Caloundra  


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in the Sunshine Coast area during WW2?


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