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Subject:    39th Fighter Squadron Web Page
Date:             Mon, 16 Aug 1999 15:26:58 -0700
From:           Roy & Pat Seher <>

Gidday right back at'cha, Peter.

Visited your website and though I didn't spend enough time there to look at all of it, am impressed with the amount and quality of information you have there. Printed out some information about the troops around Townsville, and particularly focused on the P-38 crash. Can't shed any light on the details of that crash, but this recorded "happening" will be circulated and who knows what might pop up.

I see no reason to object to our linking websites, Peter. Do as you wish. We continue to look for our 39th Squadron comrades in arms and perhaps "spreading it around" will result in new and exciting finds.

Tell me, are you acquainted with Michael Claringbould? He is the author of three books dealing mostly with downed aircraft in New Guinea and other of the Islands.

More another time,


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