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Subject:    Joseph Michael Petro (Reb), Mast. Sgt.
Date:             Wed, 27 Dec 2000 13:11:04 -0500
From:           "Gargiulo, Faye Petro" <Faye.Gargiulo@rivhs.com>

I believe my father was (at least for some time) part of the 4th Air Depot. I am certain he was assigned to HQ/HQ Squadron of some component of the Fifth Air Force, and I know believe that component was 4th Air Depot. The information we do have about Dad's service during WWII confirms that he spent some time at many of the places I see mentioned on this web page and others that mention the 5th.

Papa's name was Joseph (Joe) Michael Petro. I believe he was known as Reb or Pete by some of his friends, etc. during the war. He was from Hattisburg, MS. and enlisted within a week after Pearl Harbor. I know he was a Master Sergeant and I believe that he had some role in fuel transport and/or provision.

Papa died in 1993 and like so many who spent years in the Pacific (or European) Theater, he didn't share much with us about his time overseas. In later years he would very sporadically talk with great affection and a wonderful belly laught about people and places he remembered. However, he was never very welcoming of questions regarding what he did, harder memories, etc. There were times that I know his memories were not pleasant...during those times he withdrew and remembered. Dad was 41 when I was born in 1957, and we believe that my birth finally put many things to peace for him.

I would love to hear from anyone who remembered him, or who could help me confirm his unit, etc. My email addresses are faye.gargiulo@rivhs.com AND fayepetrogargiulo@home.com.

Thanks, Faye



Subject:     Joseph Michael Petro (Reb), Mast. Sgt.
Date:              Thu, 28 Dec 2000 22:30:41 -0500
From:            "Faye Petro Gargiulo" <fayepetrogargiulo@home.com>

Mr. Dunn:

I’m afraid that I can’t narrow the window of time that Papa spent in Australia to anything more narrow than the period from late winter/early spring ’42 until perhaps early fall of 1943. I know that he arrived there via the Queen Mary during one of her few Pacific runs before she became the Atlantic’s Gray Ghost. I think his trip to Australia via RMS QM was in February 1942 or soon after.

I know he received the Bronze Star for service in New Guinea from 1 October 1943 until 18 July 1944, but I have no specifics beyond that for where/what occurred during that period of time. Finally, he was recommended for a Soldier’s Medal for his role in the rescue of a pilot, 1st. Lt. Ervine C. Pratt (39th Fighter Squadron), from the cockpit of a P-51 that upended during a landing on 30 May 1945.

I know that my Dad returned home to Hattisburg, Ms for 30 days of care as a result of malaria and dinga (sp?) fever in the fall of 1944. After that, he returned to the Pacific Theater.

As I mentioned earlier he was a Master Sgt. and was involved in fueling/logistics support.

I appreciate the time and energy you’re investing in this and look forward to any sort of reply.

Thanks again,

Faye PG


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