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Subject:    475th FG / 432nd FS
Date:            Sun, 5 Mar 2000 14:51:38 EST
From:            Hugopop@aol.com

I came across your website, and found that you had a section on the 432nd FS. My name is Hugo, and I was with the 432nd FS from 1943-1945. I worked as a Hydraulic Specialist on the P38's. In the section, I noticed the name Curt Tinker, with whom I have been in contact with. If you are interested, I have written 3 Short Tales on the 432nd, about some of the experiences I have had.

http://www.475thfg.org/three%20short%20tales.htm    Three Short Tales - Hugo Evareli

That is the link to them if you would like to check them out.

Keep up the great work on your site!!




Subject:    475th FG
Date:             Sun, 5 Mar 2000 19:49:07 EST
From:           Hugopop@aol.com

I wrote to you earlier, but I just wanted to send you the link to a picture of a few of the aces from the 475th. In it, there is McGuire, and Bong as well. McGuire was with the 431st FS, but I am not sure what squadron Bong was a member of. Here is the link to the picture.



Below are two pictures of the ground crew for the 432nd FS 475th FG. I am in the second picture. I'm in the very bottom row, kneeling down, the third one in from the left. I am wearing a Mc Arthur hat, and I have a mustache. The bottom picture is one of me, squatting next to a P38 that I was working on at the time.

Hope to hear from you soon.


hu02.jpg (65965 bytes) 432nd Fighter Squadron crew
hu03.jpg (77863 bytes) Hugo Evareli is in the very bottom row, kneeling down, the third one in from the left wearing a McArthur hat. He has a mustache.
hu01.jpg (31630 bytes) Hugo Evareli in front of a P-38 he was working on in Nadzab, New Guinea



Subject:   432nd FS Pictures
Date:           Tue, 7 Mar 2000 12:51:31 EST
From:           Hugopop@aol.com


The picture of me alone was taken in Nadzab, New Guinea. I am not completely sure where the other ones were taken, but my best guess would be the Philippines because of the Palm trees in the background. If you look at the plane in the background's nose art, it is the Putt Putt Maru. That was the group commander's plane, Lt. Col. Mc Donald. He had a record of shooting down 28 Japanese planes to his credit. Bong had 40, Mc Guire 38, and McDonald was the 3rd top ace in the Pacific theater.

While looking for the pictures, I found a number of 3d Australian stamps. I remember picking them up when I was in Sydney for R&R. Maybe some stamp collector could give me the price value for them today. The stamps are unused.



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