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The Queensland Main Roads Commission were instructed to strengthen and extend Rous Battery which had been built near the southern end of Moreton Island some time before the Second World War.


Not Called Fort Rous

Fort "xxxx" was the terminology used for coast defence facilities pre WWII, and they were manned by numbered Heavy Batteries. In the case of Brisbane, 8 Heavy Battery was the permanent army unit and 122 Heavy Battery was the militia unit. A mixed crew from these units were to man Fort Lytton and Fort Cowan. Construction started on Fort Bribie in early 1940. Also at each site were land defences which were manned by men from "C" Coy of 1 Garrison Battalion. Fort Cowan and Fort Bribie were convenient labels to apply to the whole complex. In October 1940, the coast artillery was reorganized so the regulars and militiamen at Cowan were merged to become Cowan Battery and when the guns at Bribie were finally operational, the manning unit, and the guns became Bribie Battery. The later batteries (Rous & Skirmish) were formed after this change so were never called Forts officially, but the name was sometimes used.


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Photo: - Scott Maxwell

Fort Rous 11 Sep 2005


Can you tell me more
about the Rous Battery?

Is Rous Batterylocated at Toompani Beach
on the eastern side of Moreton Island?


Seaward Defences for Moreton Bay

Fort Bribie

Fort Cowan Cowan

RAN4 - The Bribie Island Indicator Loop Hut
Part of the Royal Navy's anti-submarine harbour defence for "Fortress Brisbane"

HMAS Tambar hit by "Friendly Fire" from Cowan Cowan, Moreton Island

Was American Submarine USS Triton
accidentally sunk in Moreton Bay by friendly fire?



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"The History of the Queensland Main Roads Commission during World War II (1939-1945)"

"Fortress Brisbane"
By D.W. Spethman and R.G. Miller


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