Fat Cat Is Back in Commission

The joy of the mechanics, the pride of any pilot and a tribute to the 3rd Group, "Fat Cat" took to the air yesterday after long months of inactivity. With Major Henebry at the controls she flew for the first time since June 22, the day she cracked up in landing. 2200 pounds of excess weight has been removed to make more space and a heavier load possible.

The old ship's past record of 73 combat missions and 245 combat hours speaks for itself and now with her battle scars patched and a bright silver finish she will be put on the milk run to the mainland to bring in fresh food and drink for the men of this group.

The rebirth of Fat Cat was made possible through the sweat and skill of the following men under the direction of Capt. Robinson: Sgts. J.B. Chesson, H.P. Barnes, A.L. Putnam, Cpls. L.? Shippie and J. Souza, 8th; Sgt. J.?. Gerchow and Cpl V.L. Bellondi, 13th; and Sgts J.R. Leonard, C.F. Zuker, M.A. Orvon, T.I. Benson and O.J. Neal, Cpl R.C. Meister, R.C. Yager, V.N. George? and Pfc D.C. Williams, 89th; Sgts M.?. Hall and M.D. Sharpe and Cpl J.A. Owe? of the 90th Sq.


The following photographs of "Fat Cat" were taken in
about September or October 1943 at Doba Dura

Photo:- Jack Heyn


Photo:- Jack Heyn

1st Lt. Richard Rogers, 091447.
Hq. 3rd Attack Group, APO 503.


Photo:- Jack Heyn


Photo:- Jack Heyn




Photo:- Howard E. Poit

"Fat Cat" with mission markers visible.
Left to right:- S/Sgt Howard E. Poit and Unknown



I'd like to thank Jack Heyn of the 3rd Bomb Group and Gordon Rogers, son of 1st Lt. Richard Rogers for their assistance with this web page.

I'd also like to thank Howard R. Poit, son of Howard E. Poit of the 15th Supply Squadron.




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