Subject:   Two WW2 crashes in NSW
Date:           Sat, 15 Apr 2000 22:15:32 +1000
From:          Byron Deveson <>

I came across your site while I was showing my sister's father-in-law, Mr Arthur Parkinson of Canberra, what could be found on the Internet.

He was enthralled by the information on your site, and he would like to pass on some information that might be of interest to you.


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Avro Anson


About 1940 he was receiving training in the Empire Training Scheme (or some similar named scheme) and was on a RAAF Avro Anson that crash landed at Condoblin airport. The pilot misjudged the approach and landed short - and running through a perimeter fence.

The second crash occurred at Uranquinty on 7 April 1942. A pilot with the surname Oppy volunteered to test fly a Wirraway after it had been re-built after some damage. The Wirraway did not pull out of a power dive and the pilot was killed. Pilot Oppy was from Condoblin and would have been born about 1923.

I have a photo of a crashed and burning aircraft - taken at either Sale (Vic) or Laverton, probably prior to 1942. My father was in the Citizens Air Force during the 1930s and trained at Laverton, and was briefly at Sale before going to the SWP area.

I will scan this photo and send it to you - it appears to have been taken only a few seconds after the crash, and I think that it was an aeroplane that my father had been training in. My father (who is dead) once told me that a couple of aircraft that he normally flew in (as aircrew) had crashed while he was not in the aircraft. I would be interested to find out the details of the crash. The pilot was killed and my mother said that his body fat melted into his parachute.

Byron Deveson, Canberra

P.S.  Mr Parkinson is at email: and I am sure he would be happy to provide any additional details.


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