ON 5 APRIL 1942


2nd Lt. Roger P. Warfield (0-427061) of the 39th Pursuit Squadron, 35th Fighter Group, crashed his Airacobra (probably a P-400) on Easter Sunday, 5 April 1942 at Williamtown, NSW.  Following an aborted landing his plane crashed in the trees just off the edge of the airfield and Lt. Warfield was killed.

2nd Lt. Roger P. Warfield from Worcester County, Massachusetts was buried at the US Military Cemetery at Rookwood Cemetery in Sydney, New South Wales on 7 April 1942.

There is a Roger P. Warfield American Legion Post #373 in Baldwinville, Massachusetts.



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Just a partial answer, maybe more later when I have time to check some records. David Silverman a new pilot assigned to the 39th was killed landing on the center strip at Woodstock on 10 May 1942. It was probably a P-400. Plane was burnt and pilot thrown across the right wing also burnt leaving just a torso. Am not sure but believe he had taken off and made an almost immediate attempt to land.

Roger Warfield also a new pilot was killed in April of 1942 before we moved to Woodstock. Am not sure but think it was at Williamtown.

Book was published in the early seventies in paperback only. Later there were at least five new printings through the eighties and ninetys.

Another book by Caiden worth looking for is Samauri which tells the story of the Jap pilots we fought against in New Guinea.

Paperback published in the fifities. Also later printings.

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